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It's Time to Rediscover Radiant

Henry Grossbard had a rare gift. He could do what only the world's very best diamond cutters can do: spot the polished diamond in the rough, envisioning the ideal cut for a stone that would maximize its beauty and sparkle.


His vision was so compelling that he spent years chasing it, using high quality diamonds for experimentation as he searched for the perfect cut. At last, Henry achieved the break-through he was looking for. By combining two cutting styles, the "brilliant cut" used for round diamonds, and the "step cut" used for emerald cuts, Henry created a hybrid "brilliantized step cut." His creativity resulted in a diamond that combined the elegance of the emerald cut shape with the sparkle of the most finely cut round diamond – The Original Radiant Cut.


The Original Radiant Cut revolutionized the jewelry industry. In 1977, no one had ever seen a stone that sparkled with such dynamic scintillation – especially not in a square or rectangular shape. Before Henry invented the Radiant Cut, diamonds with straight edges, like the emerald cut, were faceted with long rectangular facets. This cutting style, called the "step cut" results in a diamond with a glassy appearance. Diamonds with rounded edges, like round diamonds, pear shapes, ovals, and marquises, are faceted with triangular or kite shaped facets. By creating a technique to combine these two cutting styles, Henry was able to unleash the full beauty of square and rectangular shaped diamonds.

Today, it's time to Rediscover Radiant. 

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