Radiant Celebrations: How To Have Holidays That Matter

Life is busy. We do so much. Every moment is consumed by a priority item; there’s always something that must be done. The holidays start when we stop. There comes a time when all you have to do is enjoy being with the people that you love: that is the radiant moment, the definition of a joyous celebration.

Food brings us together: we gather for dinners, snacks, drinks – any excuse to see our favorite people will do, really. Celebrate with all the world – where joy can be sown, sow it. Conversation is the best carol. Talk to the people you want to remember. Listen to what they have to say.

Gifts are glorious, in the giving and the receiving. The thought really does count. It is a joy to witness someone smile because you surprised them. When that happens, treasure it. That memory is well worth the keeping, pretty much for all time.  And to be the one surprised – that sensation is an electric version of love, bright like lightning, flashing through our lives.

Help someone, for real: it changes everything. Keep your eyes open. Opportunities to make the world a better place have a way of making themselves known. If you can be kind, be kind. Someone’s got to remind the world that there is a better way. We have to show that we’re not afraid to love.

Tell the story, sing the song, dance and dance some more. Life is meant to be lived all in. Go outside, see the sky, and remember just beyond lie the stars, stretched out in brilliant disarray. The universe is full of marvels you’ve yet to discover. Having someone to share the adventure of finding them all is the best gift ever.

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