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Henry Grossbard invented the Original Radiant Cut Diamond. Early in his life, one pivotal moment changed everything: a friendly American Consulate clerk expedited Henry's family's application for an emigration visa, freeing them from a Nazi camp in occupied France. Once in America, Henry spent his life learning the diamond trade. He perfected his skills for over 30 years. Then he changed the diamond industry forever.

"An experienced craftsman can look into a rough stone and see the finished diamond," was Henry's motto. Henry knew that many people loved the elegant rectangular shape of an emerald cut diamond but felt it just didn't sparkle enough. After lots of careful, expensive experimentation, Henry perfected the Radiant Cut in 1981. This break-through revolutionized the industry, infusing the classically elegant emerald cut shape with unparalleled scintillation.

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Henry's life story, including his inspirational journey from immigrant to inventor, is a fascinating one.

Henry's vision, passion, and innovative skill were celebrated throughout his life. Learn more about this amazing man by reading these articles:

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