Why Choosing a Unique Engagement Ring is So Important

The Original Radiant Cut Diamond was created for women who stand out simply by being themselves. Unafraid of their power, ferocity, skill and strength, these are the women who change the world. They don’t waste time, energy or effort worrying about what anyone else is doing: they have their own dreams to chase.

What happens when they fall in love?

An engagement ring is the traditional symbol used to declare a couple’s commitment to each other.  Mary of Burgundy is famous for being the recipient of the first diamond engagement ring. She’s a woman lots of Radiant women could empathize with: upon hearing of baby Mary’s arrival, her Grandfather decided not to bother traveling to her baptism, as she was ‘only a girl’. That girl grew up and became the Duchess of Burgundy, confidently ruling over a vast and wealthy domain. Her romantic choices influenced the course of hundreds of years of European history.

We know that Mary’s engagement ring was set with small flat diamonds arranged to form the letter “M”. That would certainly be a unique engagement ring today; this initial type of design is much more commonly seen in fashion jewelry. The desire for a one of a kind engagement ring has led jewelry designers in other directions.

Custom jewelers love working with the Original Radiant Cut Diamond. The sparkle of a radiant cut, compared to a princess or even brilliant cut, is so intense and eye catching that original designs are elevated. They truly stand out, supported by the inherent beauty of the stone. Even classic designs like three-stone and solitaire engagement rings are reimagined with Original Radiant Cut Diamonds.

Why is this important? Having a unique engagement ring is important because being in love is something to be proud of. When you’ve found the person you’re meant to be with, you want the world to know. A gorgeous engagement ring is a way to say “Look how happy I am!” Happiness is absolutely individual: your joy is not like anyone else’s. With that in mind, you want an engagement ring that reflects that, with a style and diamond that stand out. 

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