Why Do Radiant Cut Diamonds Look Bigger Than Other Diamonds of the Same Weight?

A one carat diamond is a one carat diamond is a one carat diamond – as far as weight goes. But not all one carat diamonds look alike. The way a diamond is cut dramatically impacts its appearance.

Original Radiant Cut Diamonds look larger because Henry Grossbard designed them to look larger. When Henry first came to America, he trained as a diamond cutter in all of the styles that were fashionable at that time – mainly rounds and emeralds. The emphasis at that time in the diamond industry was to maximize the weight of the diamond, rather than focusing on creating the most beautiful ring possible. Round cuts in particular are ideal for maximizing weight, because the majority of the diamond is contained within the setting, where it’s not easily seen.

Henry’s dream was to create a diamond cut that maximized the natural beauty of the stone. He experimented for years, using his carefully collected savings to buy diamonds to practice on. His understanding of faceting and the way individual cuts impacted how light bounces within the diamond led him to develop the Radiant shape that’s both broader and shallower than the round cut. This means more of the diamond is visible when the diamond is mounted in an engagement ring. The difference is even more noticeable when you choose a larger diamond. We’d be happy to show you examples if you’d like to see for yourself. Browse our available inventory online and see the Radiant difference for yourself. 

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