Original Radiant Cut FAQ

Q. What gives the Original Radiant Cut Diamond its extraordinary sparkle?

A. The precise faceting of the Original Radiant Cut Diamond results in the creation of numerous "virtual facets" which sparkle as your hand moves.  While the beauty of the Original Radiant is best appreciated in person, we provide a video of each of our diamonds that clearly demonstrates the "pinfire scintillation" that makes each Original Radiant Cut Diamond so special.

Q. What is meant by the terms "crushed ice" or "kaleidescope" life?

A. The terms "crushed ice" and "kaleidescope" are sometimes used to describe the "pinfire scintillation" created by a Radiant Cut's virtual facets. Each facet of the Original Radiant Cut must be cut on the correct angle to create just the right number and kind of virtual facets necessary to make the diamond sparkle wildly as your hand moves.  If there are too many or too few virtual facets the life can become "mushy" or uneven. 

Q. Does a diamond that weighs more necessarily look larger than one that weighs less?

A. No, weight and visible size are not always the same.  Cutters often hide weight in the diamond in places that do not add to its beauty in order to maximize profits.  In this way they can sell sell a 1.00 carat diamond that appears no bigger than well cut 0.90 carat diamond while still charging a 1.00 carat price.

Q. If more carat weight doesn't necessarily mean a diamond will look bigger, how can I compare the visible size of two Radiant Cut Diamonds?

A. The best way to compare the visible size or two Radiant Cut Diamonds is to multiply the length times the width.  This will tell you how big the diamond will appear in a ring (the prongs will cover the cut corners).  Each Original Radiant Cut Diamond is guaranteed to appear as large as it should for its carat weight because we believe that if you are paying for a 1.00 carat diamond, it should look like a 1.00 carat diamond. 

Q. What are the "ideal" proportions for a Radiant Cut Diamond?

A. The proper proportioning needed to create the virtual facets of an Original Radiant Cut Diamond is extremely complex.  Each Original Radiant Cut Diamond has a table percentage between 60% and 69%.  The range for depth percentage depends on the shape of the diamond - the more rectangular the diamond the higher the depth percentage can be, but all Original Radiant Cuts have depth percentages between 60% and 72%.  However these two measurements, which commonly appear on labaratory grading reports, do not, by themselves establish that the diamond is properly cut.  Each facet of an Original Radiant Cut Diamond is measured to ensure it meets the rigorous standards established by the inventor Henry Grossbard.  Then, it must pass the most important test of all - the human eye of Stan Grossbard who personally inspects each Original Radiant Cut Diamond to ensure that it his worthy of his father's vision.

Q. Do "very good" or "excellent" polish and symmetry on a GIA Diamond Grading Report ensure that a Radiant Cut Diamond is well cut?

A. No.  The GIA only provides a "cut grade" for round brilliant diamonds.  It does not evaluate cut quality for "fancy shape" diamonds like Radiants, Cushions or Princesses.  Polish and symmetry grades are not a substitute for a cut grade, and are not even the most important criteria in evaluating cut quality.  Most generic Radiant Cuts on the market with "very good" or "excellent" polish and symmetry are deficient in other ways clearly visible to the eye that cause them to fall well short of Henry Grossbard's vision.  In the plain english of the inventor, they do not "spread their size and have the right "life."

Q. Why does the Original Radiant Cut website only provide filters for carat weight and price?

A. Our filters allow our customers to see every Original Radiant Cut Diamond that fits their budget so that they can make fully informed choices free of pre-conceived notions that might cause them to "filter out" the best diamond for them.

Q.  Why is the selection of Original Radiant Cut Diamonds limited as compared to the thousands of diamonds listed for sale on other internet sites?

A. Radiants cut to Henry Grossbard's rigorous standards of excellence are extremely rare.  The exclusivity of the Original Radiant Cut Diamond is just one of the many factors that make our diamonds so special.

Q. What should you do if you can't find the diamond of your dreams on our site?

A. If you can't find an Original Radiant Cut Diamond that suits your needs listed on our site, please contact us. We will make every effort to help locate the perfect Original Radiant for you.

Q.  Can you turn your generic radiant cut into an Original?

A. Yes.  We offer re-cutting services for those wishing to transform their generic radiant cut into an Original.  We can also re-cut traditional emerald cut diamonds into Original Radiant Cuts.  Please contact us for a free re-cutting consultation.     

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