What Makes a Woman Radiant?

It’s a process. The Radiant Woman is made, not born. We all come into this world full of potential. The Radiant Woman has given her life to making the most of hers…and it shows. People look up to the Radiant Woman. They look at what she’s done, how she’s done it, and the impact she has made on the world. The Radiant Woman changes lives. She knows nothing worthwhile comes easily, and she does it anyway. She is composed of choices:  she’s made the decision to work harder – to learn everything – to love wholeheartedly.  The Radiant woman is all in. She holds nothing back, because she knows she can handle it. The Radiant Woman has arrived.

The Radiant Woman has her own sense of style. She knows what she likes and she goes after it. The Radiant Woman values tradition and adores innovation: put the two together and you’ve got a look she can’t resist.  Look in her closet. You’ll find classic elegance side by side with eye-catching flair – and only the best will do. The Radiant Woman knows details matter. Her look is the definition of flawlessly put together.

What happens when the Radiant Woman falls in love? The engagement ring has to be so special: the diamond, the setting, everything. This is her symbol for forever, the announcement that she’s found happily ever after.

Whether it’s created by one of today’s hottest jewelry designers or a totally custom creation, there’s one thing every Radiant Woman insists on for her engagement ring: an Original Radiant Cut Diamond. From the house that Henry Grossbard built, the innovative diamond cut that changed the way the world looks at love.  Beautifully different, eternally meaningful – it’s exactly what the Radiant Woman wants.

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