The Radiant Right Hand: How To Own This Look

When it comes to right hand diamond rings, the current trend boils down to more is most definitely more. Wearing two, three, or even four diamond bands at once is the look; stack them two or three deep per finger. You’ll see a lot of fancy cut diamonds worn this way. Obviously, including Original Radiant Cut diamonds will take your right hand wardrobe to the next level: this is especially true when you’re in natural sunlight, as the radiant cut diamond will capture and reflect more light than any other type of diamond.

When it comes to determining how many diamond right hand rings you want to wear at once, consider how it looks when Iggy Azalea wore seven:


He told me pressure makes diamonds ?? @FrenchMontana ??@iceman_nick

A photo posted by Iggy Azalea (@thenewclassic) on

Generally, when it comes to fashion rules, “Exert more restraint than Iggy Azalea” is a good one, but in this case, we’d say if you’ve got them, flaunt them – every once in a while!

Another way to approach the right hand ring is by choosing a single impressive statement ring. Original Radiant Cut Diamonds can be set singly or in combination with other gemstones to create a gorgeous one of a kind ring. Rectangular radiant cuts look especially stunning flanked with matched sapphires or emeralds; the ruby/Original Radiant Cut Diamond combo is also a winner. 

You can also eschew color completely and go with an all-diamond right hand ring. The Three Stone Ring features one large Original Radiant Cut with two smaller Original Radiant Cuts flanking it; as you can see, it’s just a breathtaking look.  A ring like this is often worn as more than a fashion statement. Many of our customers who have come to us for right hand rings similar to this choose them to celebrate a significant achievement, such as finishing grad school or reaching a professional milestone.

The great thing about right hand rings is there are no hard and fast rules. You have the total freedom to wear what you want to wear. Custom jewelry artisans are happy to work with the Original Radiant Cut Diamond, so you can choose your favorite designer and get exactly what you want!

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