Original Radiant Cut Diamonds Make History Once Again

It was almost forty years ago when Henry Grossbard, a determined and visionary man, revolutionized the jewelry industry by inventing the Radiant Cut Diamond. The Original Radiant Cut Diamond quickly captured the heart of any bride-to-be who saw it – the distinctive cut maximizes the sparkle and shine of the stone in an exceedingly elegant shape, creating an instant, unforgettable impression.
New diamond cuts are remarkably rare. New diamond cuts that have the proven staying power of Henry Grossbard’s ultimate creation?  Unheard of. For decades, designers and select fine jewelry retailers have been guiding their customers who want a truly spectacular diamond to choose an Original Radiant Cut.
Now it’s time for a new chapter in the Original Radiant Cut Diamond story to begin. For the very first time ever, these beautiful and unique cuts are available to diamond lovers everywhere directly from inventors of the cut, as well as from selected fine jewelers.   Stan Grossbard, Henry’s son and an experienced diamond expert in his own right, personally inspects and approves every Original Radiant Cut Diamond before it is made available for sale. His uncompromising insistence on adhering to the highest possible standard for Original Radiant Cut Diamonds means that every stone is exceptionally beautiful, true artistic creations ideal for celebrating life’s most important moments.
To see available Original Radiant Cut Diamonds available for sale right now, visit our online shop. We understand how hard it can be to find a truly beautiful diamond and we want  to make choosing a beautiful  Original Radiant Cut Diamond easy.   Let us know how we can help you today. 

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