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The following measurements provide guidelines for the Original Radiant Cut. Hopefully by the time you've reached this section you've learned about how we adjust for the shape of radiants; measure the visible size of each diamond; and finally about how we visually evaluate every diamond before it can become an Original Radiant Cut.

While we are open to providing guidelines for ideal measurements, we want visitors to our site to understand that it's not simply the numbers that make a beautiful radiant cut. A diamond will not qualify as an Original Radiant Cut even if it fits within all of our proportion standards, if it fails to pass our visual examination. This means it has to blaze with extraordinary life and look as large as it should appear in relation to its carat weight.

As the inventors of the Original Radiant Cut, we know firsthand how to cut and measure all the characteristics that go into developing the most beautiful radiant cut. Every one of our diamonds is worthy of Henry Grossbard's legacy.

Original Radiant Cut Measurements
Length Adjusted Depth Percentage 50% - 65.9%
Length Adjusted Crown Height Percentage 7.5% - 15.9%
Length Adjusted Pavilion Depth Percentage 40% - 52.9%
Table Percentage 55% - 69.0%

Minimum Original Radiant Cut
Spreads for Carat Weights

Note: Calculation takes into account the 5%-10% loss of surface area due to the cut corners. This measurement, done properly, is the only reliable method of ensuring that your diamond has sufficient spread.
Carat Weight

Minimum Spread
(in square millimeters)

0.70 24.0
1.00 30.0
1.50 40.0
2.00 49.0
3.00 64.0
4.00 76.0
5.00 90.0